I am a social innovation professional.

Today, our planet faces challenges of immense magnitude today, some of which have an urgency which threatens our very existence – as a species and as a society. Addressing these problems requires us to dive into the intersection of governments, markets and people. It is here that the possibility for innovation that can result in sustainable and systemic change is the greatest.

Today, social innovation has become a very loosely used term and it has acquired a wide variance in meaning for different people in different settings. For me, it is the process of engaging diverse stakeholders to develop evidence based solutions that can result in measurable improvement of social outcomes at scale. Profit is important, but not more than purpose.

The world of startups, venture building and social impact are what get me going. I have a strong interest in research, ecosystem development and hybrid business models. Before venturing into social innovation, I have worked as an entrepreneur (photographer/creative & visual production studio owner, live music & events startup) and as a sales and business development professional in the IT & Telecom industries.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the best minds in some of the greatest places to study (London School of Economics, Aligarh Muslim University) and work (HCL, Sify, Verizon). At different points of my life, I have lived, worked or studied in India, Singapore, UK and South Africa.

You can get in touch at asif@asifkhan.in