I am currently studying for a Master’s degree (MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2019-20) at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

An interest in social enterprises which was sparked after working for many years as a photographer documenting social issues (both for personal projects and in the non-profit sector) prompted me to finally enrol for a postgraduate degree. It took me a long time after my undergraduate degree to reach here. Eighteen years, in all.

During this time, I tried many things. And, I consider myself fortunate to have had the support to use these opportunities to follow everything that I chose to learn from all this while.

I have worked as a sales professional in a Fortune 50 Telecom multinational and then quit the corporate world, written on culture and social affairs, helped start a company, learned photography on my own and made it into a profession which paid my bills. And now, I’m back to school.

These days, I divide my time between London, Singapore and my hometown, Kanpur (India).

If you have an interest in bringing about social change and creating impact, are a social entrepreneur or non-profit professional, have a passion for sustainable business, or anything along these lines, and want to have a chat about it, please feel free to drop me an email. Or connect with me on your preferred social media channel (links to my profiles are on the homepage).